IMS Biz Report: Global Electronic Market Up 3% to $7.4 Billion

The International Music Summit in Ibizia today released its 2017 IMS Business Report, an annual in-depth economic study the electronic music industry. The report, which looked at industry data from 2016, reported the dance music market was up 3% to $7.4 billion dollars, up from $7.1 billion the year before.

Some the reports other highlights included:

– In the U.S., sales electronic music were up across all formats including albums, singles and on-demand streaming. The genre now ranks as the fifth most popular genre behind rock, R&B/ hip-hop, pop and county and ahead Latin music.  

– For on-demand streaming, dance is now the fourth most popular genre with a 6% share the market. The report also said that 57% total Dance sales are from streaming – the highest any genre in the U.S. And Spotify, the world's largest streamng service, has some 12 Billion electronic music streams a month.

– In terms global markets, the report noted that Mexico and Brazil are among the top ten countries to stream electronic music. In France, dance music received the most radio airplay any genre with 29% share the market. In Germany dance music sales are at an all-time high with a 7% share–double what it was three years ago.  

– In the live market, Forbes’ estimated earnings Top 12 DJs fell 1% in 2016 to $300 million, which is still 12% higher than it was in 2013. The biggest earner was yet again Calvin Harris who earned $63 million dollars. Overall 16% people in the U.S. in 2016 attended a club event with DJs.

The report noted the expansion the live market in Latin America with Ultra Brazil and Argentina, four festivals in Mexico and the Baum Festival in Bogata. Brazil also has seven the top 100 clubs as ranked by DJ Mag. Mexico also saw revenues from electronic dance music increase 24% year-over-year.

In terms M&As, the report noted Sony Music UK's acquisition Ministry Sound for $87 million dollars and the Trilantic Capital Partners' acquisition the Pacha Group for what was reported to be over $390 million.

The IMS Business Report was written and delivered by Kevin Watson, a London-based strategy specialist who founded, an information hub for the electronic music industry.