"I'm Happy as a Motherf***er!" 2 Chainz's Aunt to Be Released From Jail After 30 Years

2 Chainz shared a happy video to his Instagram earlier today where he revealed that his aunt is getting out prison. After nearly 30 years incarceration, his aunt will be released in the next 90 days, and Chainz is ecstatic.

“I wanna share some news that was good to me,” he said. “I just wanna put it in the atmosphere how happy and blessed I am to have my auntie coming home in the next 90 days. I haven’t seen my auntie besides pictures since basically she went to prison in ‘88.”

In spite the long time inside, Chainz says his aunt is still herself. “This will be damn near 30 years for her,” he said. “She still in good spirits, she still healthy.”

He added that the whole family was going to have to do something big for the return his aunt. “It’s a celebration, man,” he said. “Auntie Punkin coming home and I’m happy as a motherf*cker.”