"I am Your OG" Joe Budden Claps Back at Petty AF Diss in Quavo's New Track

Joe Budden has no shortage enemies in the hip-hop world. Being a preeminent hater with a huge platform and a talk show to fill up every day will do that. Still, we didn’t expect this blindside from the Most Likely to Succeed Migo.

Quavo came for Joe on the new Migos track “Control The Streets,” and he came for him hard:

Joe responded to the lines on Twitter, wondering why Quavo waited until this particular moment to come for him.

The one-time rapper and current talk show host laughed f the dig before quoting a famous rap beef. “Quavo want smoke? Lol,” he said, before @-ing Quavo and quoting Kanye West’s destruction Wiz Khalifa and his cool pants.

“@QuavoStuntin i am your OG & you will respect me as such,” he wrote.