Folks Are Running From The Law After Getting It In At Thailand Beaches

All the freaky folks are coming out in Thailand and the locals are not here for it.

The first incident happened on the island Koh Samui. According to Metro, a blonde tourist tried her luck by rubbing up against a penis-shaped rock.


Did we mention she was naked the whole time?

The 12-ft rock is called the Hin Ta, also known as Grandfather Rock, and it supposedly holds the spirt an old man. Accompanying the Hin Ta is another rock called the Hin Yai which is supposed to resemble female genitalia.


Legend has it that an elderly couple came to the island to propose marriage for their son, but their boat overturned in a storm causing them to lose their dowry. Instead showing up to the island empty-handed they jumped into the sea and were reborn as male and female rocks.


Tourists visit the two sexually charged landmarks all the time, but the locals weren’t too hype about the naked blonde rubbing up against Grandfather Rock. They want the nude “rock climber” caught so she can apologize. “The rock is very special and represents our island,” one food seller said. “It is an insult to do this to it.”


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