Faizon Love Says Snoop Dogg Could Have Prevented Tupac Shakur’s Death [VIDEO]

Comedian and actor Faizon Love had something to say about Tupac Shakur’s death. As most know, the rapper’s biopic All Eyez On Me opened in theaters Friday, June 16 and it had a lot people talking.

According to Love, Snoop Dogg could have prevented the late rapper’s death,┬ábecause he’s a member the Crips.

“I always felt when Pac died it was because … Snoop could have stopped that whole thing,” he said. “Snoop was a Crip. Pac fended some Crips doing some dumb n—-, gang sh—. It set f a whole chain events. You know n—– in L.A. don’t get mad, they get even.”

“Pac would be alive today if he had stayed allies with Snoop and not crossed Snoop,” added Love. “Think about it. Out all the songs Pac did, he only did one with Snoop.”

Snoop hasn’t commented on the comedian’s┬átheory yet, but he did disagree with people like 50 Cent who trashed All Eyez on Me.

“I saw this movie a while back, and it told the truth about Pac,” he tweeted. “Gotta respect it.”

You can see Faizon talk about Pac and Snoop above.

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