Eminem & Mystery Girlfriend Legit Trolled The Entire Internet –

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem knows how to pull f successful publicity stunts. The self-proclaimed “Rap God” and mysterious woman trolled the Internet in an effort to get fans geeked out about the upcoming “Revival” video.

This week, Slim Shady released his “River” teaser clip which features the unnamed model in the same setting featured on the now-infamous “girlfriend” leak.

Yesterday, Em treated fans to a teaser “River” clip and promised to deliver it this week.

A few days ago, social media exploded with speculation after the leaked clip went viral Em getting cozy with his co-star.

Additional speculation claims the woman’s name is “Sarah Ashley Toups” and could have a connection to Em’s upcoming “River” video.

Recently, Eminem shared some dope behind the scenes moments his Revival single “Walk On Water.”