Eltronn to Release “Metal Sunscape” Album

Eltronn to Release “Metal Sunscape” Album



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Debut album from Electronic Music artist Andrew Ellison who’s latest project as Eltronn features 12 tracks a mixture both instrumental and electronic synth based tracks. Taking influences from late 70s and early 80s electronic soundtracks to more contemporary artists such as, John Foxx, Gary Numan and even more recent artists such as Massive Attack on the track “Apply Pressure” featuring Belgium electronic artist Kelii (released as a single in July 2017).

Andrew Ellison who formed Eltronn in 2013 released their debut single “Something Or Nothing” EP featuring remixes by BLOTT, GEARED and contributions by Oliver Davies THE CIRCUIT SYMPHONY. Previously working as a session musician and remixer for artists such as GLOBAL CITIZEN and BLOTT, it was whilst working on a more conventional album as Eltronn that an approach by a Games publisher to provide some early 80s electronic music to an unnamed computer game became the start the debut album.

The four tracks recorded for the project were never used and so it was decided to turn those tracks into a seminal soundtrack album consisting mainly instrumentals and backed up by an updated version their first EP “Something Or Nothing”, “Apply Pressure” and other vocal tracks to help promote the album.

Yet to perform live as Eltronn, there are Live dates planned for 2018 to further promote the album, released through independent label Ellisfusion Music and distributed digitally through Ditto Music to all major digital outlets worldwide. Also, planned will be limited CD and Vinyl releases coming late November and early December.
The album is available from iTunes and Spotify from 3rd November 2017 worldwide along with other digital music stores.