Beyonce Pays Tribute To Slain Police Officers In Dallas

Rest in peace to the officers whose lives were senselessly taken yesterday in Dallas. I am praying for a full recovery of the seven others injured. No violence will create peace. Every human life is valuable. We must be the solution. Every human being has the right to gather in peaceful protest without suffering more unnecessary violence. To effect change we must show love in the face of hate and peace in the face of violence.

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This week was devastating, exhausting, and mentally draining for everyone in America.

In the wake of two African-American males killed by law enforcement this week, protests broke out nationwide. Tears were shed, anger was expressed, and 5 officers were killed in Dallas, Texas — something that many didn’t expect. Many celebrities have been vocal about the tragic events, including Beyonce.

After sharing her condolences to the lives lost due to police brutality, Bey shared a heartfelt message with the five names of the police officers that were killed in Dallas, along with the Texas state flag. “Every human life is valuable. We must be the solution,” says Bey in the caption.

Rest in peace to the lives lost this week.

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