A Boogie Shows Major Support After Don Q Is Arrested for Gun and Drug Possession

Don Q — the rapper who gave hip-hop “Protect Ur Patek” and “Chasing These Bands” — was arrested last week. After authorities pulled him over on the night Thursday, Nov. 30, police found a .22 caliber Beretta and a bag weed in his possession. According to TMZ‘s sources, the drugs were found during a strip search.

The rapper was charged with illegal possession a firearm and unlawful possession marijuana. During his arraignment, the Atlantic Records artist garnered a solid pack supporters.

In the end, Q’s lawyer Stacey Richman ensured that he was released without bail. Richman effectively brought some key facts to the attention the courts — (1) that there no legitimate reason for the initial traffic stop and (2) there was no probable cause for the rapper and his passengers to have been searched thereafter.

Yes, people are arrested for similar charges all the time. What made this story special is that fellow New York rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie showed up to his arraignment.

Though Q is due back in court in February, he and his NY counterpart are surely happy he’s out for the time being.