20-Year Old Woman Exposes Stevie J After Faith Evans Marriage, Low-Key Confirms 50 Cent's ATL Men Joke: "If You Like Butt N*gga You Like Butt" –

A 20-year-old woman is coming after Stevie J less than 24 hours after he tied the knot to R&B singer Faith Evans. A mysterious Internet model has singled out the reality TV star for allegedly knocking her up and skipping town.

This week, a woman has flooded social media with pics and accusations directed at Stevie along with an accusation questioning his sexuality.

This week, G-Unit’s 50 Cent caught heat after suggesting Atlanta men low-key mess with each other.

According to the latest reports, Stevie and Faith made their lifetime goals permanent Tuesday night in Las Vegas.

Faith and Stevie have had an on-again, f-again relationship dating back to 2016.

The duo’s steamy new “A Minute” single and video is expected to premiere next week.